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Welcome to the Cardiovascular Product Evaluation Center (CPEC).
Cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, myocardial infarction and cerebral apoplexy are the major causes of death in Korea. The mortality rate of these diseases is also unusually high and due to the demographically increased aging of the population, social and economic pressures are building to develop efficient medical products and therapies to treat them. However, the state of medical product development and commercialization in the cardiovascular field falls far short of demand. Korea does possess capabilities for basic research on pharmacological mechanisms and development of compounds for cardiovascular pharmaceuticals, but the sporadic administration of validity evaluation conducted by disparate research organizations, difficulties associated with validity evaluation due to the characteristics of cardiovascular diseases, and insufficiency of reasonable validity evaluation models are obstacles which need to be overcome so far as commercialization of products spawned from basic research is concerned.

CPEC seeks to discover and verify outstanding basic research outcomes for cardiovascular diseases by implementing a validity evaluation system and therefore help overcome obstacles encountered in pursuing commercialization. For this, CPEC intends to accelerate commercialization of products spawned from basic research conducted by research institutes by providing comprehensive evaluation and validation services and technical consultation services for commercialization, organizing a network of cardiovascular experts, promoting manufacturing technologies for medical products, and securing public support as a government-invested organization through collaboration with industrial, academic and private/international research organizations.

By actively seeking after basic research with high potential for commercialization, and propelled by a spirit of public service, CPEC will achieve commercialization of products or services in the shortest period of time and therefore serve as a strategic wellspring of the national medical industry. Additionally, by providing diverse and top-level information, technical consultation and evaluation services, CPEC will endeavor to advance as a world-class cardiovascular evaluation center serving as a strategic hub for the Asian regions.

Director Yangsoo Jang, M.D., Ph.D., FACC

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