Cardiovascular Product Evaluation Center


Expected Effects

Technical aspects
  • Through Detailed validation of disease models, built based on Network of experts, contributing to basic and applied cardiovascular related research.
  • In order to build medium to large animal models and provide effective evaluation services, private facilities and high-end equipment are available for variety of technical approach.
Economic and industrial aspects
  • Promoting basic research results of cardiovascular disease based on commercialization and high reliability and validity evaluations executed to reduce development time and cost.
  • Commercialization of cardiovascular health by eliminating high barriers to contribute to the development of domestic medical industry growth.
  • National and international experts in network deployment and active personnel exchanges to contribute to the development of advancing domestic medical industry infrastructure.
Social aspects
  • Acceleration of Medical product development, to pursue healing process and improving the quality of life and the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Training professionals of Evaluation of the Efficacy and job creations through educational programs such as workshops and symposiums by inviting domestic and foreign experts.

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